9/8/14 - Danielle Brooks at the InStyle 20th Anniversary Party in NYC.


we all have to understand how important the anniversary of amok time airing is. this episode gave us slash it gave us fuck or die this episode is everything, our forebear, our origin, two men humping each other on the burning sand. let us take a moment of silence for theodore sturgeon, star trek, spock and kirk, and how totally out of control this became over time 

Nicki Minaj at Alexander Wang’s fashion show for New York Fashion Week

Daenerys Targaryen meme + (2/7) quotes ► "I am not your little princess."


A lot of people are like: “So you want to be famous”, and i’m like: “No, i want to be good at my craft. I don’t care about fame, i don’t care if i even ever make it. As long as people know what i am as an actress in this business, i’m set for my career right now.”